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Who is Footmind?

FootMind, Inc. is the leading innovator and provider of foot and ankle pain relief solutions. Known for its pioneering in foot arch support inserts, and insoles for plantar fasciitis, the FootMind brand continues to grow in the foot and ankle pain relief communities.

Our Elevate Foot Drop Brace is receiving national recognition (as featured on the Discovery Channel) for foot drop treatment highlighting comfort, durability, and ease of use. Whether you are a doctor performing hammer toe surgery, or a patient looking for custom arch supports, has drop foot (also known as “dropfoot” or “foot drop”) we focus on solutions!

As previously indicated, we are currently introducing solutions for foot drop, hammertoe surgery and three types of orthotic arch support insoles.

While the Elevate Foot Drop Brace is unparalleled for comfort, shoe style versatility, it has the most cost-to-durability factors among the various foot drop treatment options.

The Arches Orthotic Line simplifies custom arch support work by providing insoles with arch support matching your specific foot type.

Elevate Drop Foot Brace

The Elevate Brace designed for foot drop treatment. Elevate delivers comfort, versatility of shoes, and over all function to our patients. This is accomplished using patented “Boa” technology, which allows the foot to easily be lifted and released as desired. Elevate doesn’t intrude in your shoe, or use a spring or elastic that will stretch over a short time. Elevate not only helps with foot drop diagnosis but allows our patients to be comfortable and active.

Arches Specialty Orthotics

Each design of our semi custom orthotics is developed to relieve pain in the three major foot abnormalities. Type 1 is for pronated feet, or flat feet. Type 2 is a neutral arch with a neutral tilt. Type 3 is for over supinated feet, or high arches. Materials allow orthotic to contour to your foot, but still keep its corrective structure. Professionals and patients have found Arches to have the perfect balance of support and comfort.


Are you a Medical Pro?

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